StrategicFP Investment advice from our backyard to the world. Strategic Financial Planning We are different! We are independent and our performance in 30 years of advising tells its own story. We add value through intelligent, diversified investing with a global reach.


Added value investment strategies.

Our portfolio design is dynamic, adapts to changing conditions and is not tied to arbitrary calendar reviews or solutions. Significant events and opportunities trigger action. Once “airborne”, with client documentation complete and having met the compliance obligations, we are in the blue air with little administration turbulence.

We know our clients well.

Understanding your needs is a priority. We will share our independent client-first processes and design an investment portfolio aligned with your needs. As both Financial Planners and Investment Advisers, we can assess your investment solutions in the context of your current and future needs. Some are growing their assets, others are seeking a regular income.

Quality advice for busy people.

As a boutique advisory, we accept one new client per month. We are privileged to be trusted by a diversified client base: Members of the Judiciary, a Judge, Barristers, Lawyers, Detectives, Business Owners, Trustees of Charitable Trusts, Medical Consultants, Doctors and Nurses, University Professors, CEOs of major enterprises, Business Consultants, Ministers of Religion, Aircraft Engineers, IT Professionals, Hospitality Managers, Logistic Specialists , Senior Military Personnel, etc.

Dynamic portfolio monitoring.

As well as personal oversight, a series of automatic checks are constantly running for exposure levels to investments and asset categories. As economic conditions change, asset allocations are reviewed and adjusted. Strategic has a wide range of Investment Research subscriptions and Michael’s own insights have added significant value to portfolios.

Personal online access service.

Unique logins track a portfolio’s progress, from headline valuation to the minutiae of every transaction. Choose how deep you want to dig! We give you everything to meet compliance standards and transparency. Where ever you are in the world, you have online access to your online messaging service and portfolio monitoring.


Do you fit our client profile?

1. Accept a degree of volatility for the reward of better returns over time?

2. Live between “fear & greed” and have a holistic approach to investing?

3. Have between $200,000 and $4 million to invest?

4. New Zealand Citizen or Permanent Resident

Time to talk?

If yes then it is time to talk to Michael, one of the most experienced advisers in NZ.

Understanding your needs is the first priority. Sharing our independent processes which put clients first is the second priority. If you proceed a recommended investment portfolio will be aligned with your needs. Without cost or obligation, a one-hour discovery session is open to those who complete an online “Personal Financial Map”. The discovery session will be productive and educational.


Your personal 24/7 online service. Wherever you are, whenever you want access.

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