Our Advisors & Clients

Our Advisors & Clients

Experience counts

There are many events in both life and the investment world that can bring harm. Fear and greed are real! Many financially self-harm by making inappropriate investment decisions. Over 30 years, we have seen it all. Whilst there is never a straight line, there are ways to navigate the challenges.

No, there is not one smart solution. 30 years of advising has us taught that.

“You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else.” Albert Einstein 1879-1955

We are free (independent), without fear or favour, to act in our clients’ best interests.

We know our clients well.As a boutique advisory, we accept one new client per month. We know our clients well, some for 30 years.

We are privileged to be trusted by a diversified client base of professionals and retired kiwis:

Members of the Judiciary, a Judge, Barristers, Lawyers, Detectives, Business Owners, Trustees of Charitable Trusts, Medical Consultants, Doctors and Nurses, University Professors, CEO’s of major enterprises, Business Consultants,  Ministers of Religion, Aircraft Engineers, IT Professionals, Hospitality Managers, Logistic Specialists, Teachers, Architectural Designers, Operational Managers, Farmers, Senior Military Personnel, Veterinarians, Librarians, Social Entrepreneurs, Builders, Meteorologists, Chemists. All solid kiwi folk who are keen to take advice and make their investments work for them.

Michael TaylorPrincipal Advisor

Michael Taylor founded Strategic Financial Planning Ltd and has been an Adviser since 1989. Michael was one of the first 10 advisers in New Zealand to be granted an AFA License by the Securities Commission on December 1st, 2010. Michael developed the systems and processes that enable a wide range of solutions to Strategic’s clients.

Michael has a Bachelor of Divinity (Hons) from London University (1985), Teaching Diploma from Bristol University (1970), and a Graduate Diploma in Business Studies (Personal Financial Planning) from Massey University (1993). Michael is a Licensed Financial Adviser: FSP2481. Michael has pioneered Independent Advice & Commission Free Services.

Michael brings a unique set of skills from a background in teaching, chaplaincy in the Royal Air Force and 31 years in advising clients. Michael is also Co-Founder of OMNIMax Software Solutions Ltd in NZ and OMNIMax India Ltd, empowering clients with online tools. OMNIMax Software Solutions Ltd supplies advisory tools to Banks, Wealth Management Companies and Licensed Advisers in NZ and Globally.

Michael is noted for his independent mindset, innovative curiosity, is dismissive of those who believe they have “the answer” and is prepared to challenge the “status quo”.

Michael provided client-centric advice many years before it became mandatory, and is one of the most experienced practitioners in New Zealand.

Ewen CameronAdvisor

Ewen has a Bachelor of Commerce & Management from Lincoln University (1999) and completed a Graduate Diploma in Business Studies (Personal Financial Planning) from Massey University in December 2008. Ewen joined Strategic in 2000 as Client Services Manager. Since 2005 he has been providing advice to clients. Ewen is usually the first person you will speak to when contacting Strategic. Although providing a support role to Michael, Ewen is fully qualified and experienced to advise as a licensed adviser.

Nature and scope of the advice we offer

Whilst we can identify critical issues when providing a comprehensive plan, we no longer advise on any specific solution outside of Investment Advice. We may alert you to address an issue or to offer referral suggestions.

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Strategic Financial Planning Ltd (FSP 26383) is the Financial Advice Provider.