What to Expect

What to Expect

Your Portfolio

Once “airborne”, with client documentation complete and having met the compliance hurdles, we are in the blue air with little administration turbulence.

Once “airborne” we are also 100% digital. All you need is an internet connection.

Important: We manage money, but all assets are held in your name. We advise and you decide. We do not offer a Discretionary Service. We work alongside you.

Your unique login will track your portfolio’s individual progress, from headline valuation to the minutiae of every transaction. You choose how deep you want to dig!  We give you everything to meet compliance standards and transparency.


  • Track your capital movements, the performance of each investment and the impact of currency movements.
  • Access our overview for each investment, weblinks to the provider’s business proposition and compliance documents.
  • An automated, dynamic review process includes weekly checks, asset allocation and investment exposure in line with your mandate with Green, Amber and Red alerts.
  • Liquidity is monitored to meet drawdown needs if required.
  • Market events that impact your portfolio trigger our email response and recommendations. To implement, email “Proceed as Advised”.
  • Tax reports will show you how to select the most efficient tax option and show you which boxes to complete on your IRD return.
  • Existing investments are reviewed, and changes recommend as required.


With the internet now a utility, we are with you from the New Zealand backyard to anywhere in the world with a personal service. Meet us in person at our Wigram Office, talk over the phone, or face to face over a video call. We keep it personal, and limit our client base to keep it so. Relationships matter!